The idea that the mind and body already know about healing is incredibly liberating.  It frees me from the burdens of excessive doing and allows more intentional being.  Suddenly, I don’t have to prescribe, or conjure, or orchestrate.  There is nothing for me to create or own in the other–success or struggle.  Everything needed is already there.  I am more free to be an assistant in navigation, a witness, and a flat mirror to change.  As I do these things, I can be my own authentic self.

The ability of the mind to quickly reconcile itself is incredibly affirming.  That capacity has always been there, beneath all the misdirection of cultures, beneath generations of shame, and beneath accumulated torture.  It has been there and we now know how to find it.  The marvel of observing others find it again and again is its own reward.  The discovery of healing pathways deep inside our core makes everything horrible feel a little less so.  It makes the history of awfulness feel less so.  And things that looked impossible, now feel completely local.   Like finding an alchemy I can believe in.  Like walking out into sunshine at noon on Sunday and finding again and again that everything needed is already here.

One thought on “Sunshine

  1. And when you have been reproached for being selfish and not allowed to be grumpy, clumsy, angry, sad, lonely, less than a stellar- performer, you become something like a “Helpful Zombie”. So for me to discover all the “bad stuff” inside, too, that really makes one a healthy, normally aggressive, funny, wise, attentive free person AND accept it all because I am a whole person, is also finding that I have everything within! Good or bad are way too limited for the complexity of my life. Shame breeds silence breeds complicity breeds denial breeds full unknowing of who you are or what you want. I love the word alchemy- and not having to push or conjure, because yes, it shows up at your front door, and stands beside you as you look at the waterfall. Thank you!


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